Simple do it Yourself Lawn Mower Care

It does not have to take a seasoned mechanic to help you take care of your powered lawn mower, but with simple do it yourself lawn mower care, you may be surprised at how much you time, effort and money you can save by doing it yourself.

It is not rocket science to know how to take good care of your powered lawn mowers, as long as you have the basic knowledge of how to do it yourself, you could have guaranteed service for life with your lawn mower.

Knowing how to fuel your lawn mower is very important and one of the best advice you can get is to only have at least one or two gallons of fuel handy and by using a clean siphoning device to fuel your mower’s engine.

The higher the fuel octane rating the better, preferably not lower than an octane rating of 87.

Large quantities of fuel stored over time causes your stock fuel to lose octane and cause deposits in your fuel lines and carburetor to clog up.

For the mower deck, you can best take good care of it by constantly checking for the presence of grime, grease or other stubborn deposits.

You can check by first disconnecting the spark wire from the spark plug and position it where it cannot come in contact with the spark plug.

Clean the mower housing thoroughly with soap and water, removing all dirt, grease and grass and for heavy grass buildup under the mower's deck, use a sturdy plastic or hard rubber scraper.

Mulching is also a great option to economically and consistently fertilize the lawn.

Mulching mowers allow small particles of grass to be returned to the soil to undergo biodegradation and serve as fertilizer.

Mulching contributes up to 25 percent of the lawn's fertilizing requirements and this can be done by cutting only one-third of the grass's height.

To maintain your engine’s maximum performance always clean or remove dirt and debris from the engine air screen and the engine's cylinder fins.

Always be on top of your mower engine performance by replacing any worn or damaged belts.

The rubberized belts keep the driver system working properly and by checking the gear case and area around the drive system.

It should be kept clean and free of grass and dirt buildup.

Always be reminded to clean the drive cover twice each season or for every 15 hours of operation, whichever may come first..

Do not attempt to put four-cycle gas in a two-cycle engine.

Lawnmower gas should only be limited for use in lawn mowers and not used in weed-whackers as the fuel is too lean.

The weed-whacker may run for a while on straight gasoline, but will eventually stop and be difficult or impossible to restart. If this should happen, add oil to the fuel to fix the problem.

Do not put two-cycle gas in a four-cycle engine.

As mentioned before, weed-whacker fuel should not be used in lawn mowers as the fuel is too rich.

Lawn mowers may run for a while on the gas/oil mix, but will eventually stop and be difficult or impossible to restart because the oil has already dampened the spark plugs

If this should happen, remove the gas/oil mixture out of the fuel tank, change the spark plug and put fresh, straight gasoline back into the tank.

For other minor problems withy your lawn mowers, always make sure to check the owner’s manual for simple troubleshooting processes.

If a problem may prove difficult to fix, do not force yourself doing it, lest you could only damage the equipment and the best solution is to take it to the service center for repairs.

Simple do it yourself lawn mower care can be as easy as just cleaning and making sure that your equipment is in tip top shape, to better maximize and prolong the life of your lawn mower equipment.



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