Safety Tips for Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are more than just a simple tool in the household, be it the manual and basic push device or the riding and powered lawn mowers, safety tips for lawn mowers should still be a primary concern for anybody and everybody.

Nowadays, lawn mowers are a common lawn and garden care tool, but it still needs to be handled with safety as a major concern.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that no less than 60,000 injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year related to the unsafe operation of power lawn mowers.

Children under the age of 15 are more vulnerable to injury from lawn mowers and a simple guide on safe lawn mower operation will help prevent these untoward accidents from happening.

Lawn mower injuries can be devastating and it is important to never take lawn mower safety for granted.

Riding lawn mowers, the ones usually that are gasoline fuelled or powered machinery poses some of the more serious threats of injury to both adults and children.

Adults often allow young children to ride on their lap while mowing grass, which is not a safe thing to do. With young passengers riding on mowers, there is always the tendency that they could fall off the machine while it's running.

Here are some tips for gasoline powered mowers;

Never smoke when filling the gas tank and make sure to store gasoline in a container with a CSA, FM, or UL label, especially containers that are not made for storing fuel.

Never store gasoline of large quantities in the house or fill a mower fuel tank indoors or in closed spaces.

Never attempt to store the machine near a heat source or place the machinery close to an open flame, spark source, or pilot light such as near a water heater or electrical appliances.

Do not attempt to fill fuel containers inside a vehicle or on a truck bed installed with a plastic bed liner and always place containers on the ground away from a vehicle, especially one with a running engine, before filling.

Clean up and wipe gasoline spills immediately and never attempt to start the engine with spilled gasoline around it. Move the machine away from the ground soaked with spilled gasoline and avoid igniting anything until all of the fuel has completely evaporated from the surface.

Do not fill the fuel tank beyond its required capacity or devising a supplementary tank and always make sure to replace the gas cap and tighten securely.

Never attempt to remove the gas cap or add fuel with the engine running and always allow the engine to cool before refueling.

For all types of lawn mowers, powered or not, always be sure to completely read the safety information contained in the operatorís manual.

Before getting on a riding lawn mower or turning on the engine, make sure all debris such as rocks, sticks and toys are removed from the lawn or garden since loose objects can get into the lawn mower and cause serious injury.

Riding mowers can also tip or roll over if used on slopes or steep hills, which can result in more serious injury, so always be aware of the landscape where the mower is going to be used and never try to attempt forcing the mower to maneuver inclined or uneven ground leveling.

Do not try to revise, alter or tamper safety devices and always check for proper operation on a regular basis.

It is indeed a fact that a lawn mower is much more than just a simple, everyday power tool sitting in the garage, but with extra lawn mower safety and precautionary measures, many of the serious and life-threatening injuries caused by lawn mowers can actually be prevented.

Before operating any lawn mower equipment, always take into consideration these safety tips for lawn mowers, since the lawn mower has the potential can become an extremely dangerous instrument when used carelessly or without considering the proper safety precautions.



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