Chocolate Fudge - mouth watering GOOD

                 DOUBLE DECKER FUDGE

2 cups of Reese's peanut butter chips, divided
1/4 cup of butter, melted
1/2 cup of Hershey's cocoa
1 teaspoon of vanilla
4 1/2 cups of sugar
1 – 7 oz. jar of marshmallow creme
1 1/2 cups of evaporated milk
1/4 cup of butter

Line a 9 X 13 X 2 inch pan with foil. Place 1 cup peanut butter chips in medium bowl; set aside. In second medium bowl, blend 1/4 cup melted butter, cocoa and vanilla until smooth; add 1 cup peanut butter chips. In heavy 4-quart saucepan, combine sugar, marshmallow creme, evaporated milk and 1/4 cup butter. Cook, stirring constantly, over medium heat until mixture comes to a rolling boil; boil and stir 5 minutes.

Remove from heat, immediately add half of hot mixture to bowl with peanut butter chips only. Pour remainder into cocoa mixture; stir to blend. Beat peanut butter mixture until chips are completely melted; spread evenly in prepared pan. Beat cocoa mixture until chips are melted and mixture thickens. Spread evenly over top of peanut butter layer. Cool; remove from pan.

Remove foil; cut into squares. Store in airtight container in a cool, dry place. About 4 pounds.


Fudge Facs - Chocolate kept in the refrigerator may "sweat" when brought to room temperature and may not melt properly.

Cocoa is considered a non-perishable item which should maintain quality if stored at room temperature in a tightly sealed container.

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